#FunFriday - February 8, 2019 - Nisha Dua


This week, we’re swooning over our #FunFriday feature - Nisha Dua.

Nisha is the Co-Founder and Partner at BBG Ventures - a woman led venture capital firm that is committed to “investing in visionary entrepreneurs building the next generation of market-defining consumer products and services.” But the reason why Nisha is an obvious selection for our #FunFriday feature is that they focus exclusively on companies that have at least one female founder. It is a gating factor!

We met Nisha when she presented at Inman Connect’s Capital Connect event where she shared her thoughts on why investing in women is smart business - a core principle of her work at BBG Ventures. She made the case that while women are driving the adoption of mobile commerce and make or influence 85% of consumer purchases, women-owned business are still an after-thought; sharing that women currently get less that 10% of venture funding and less than 3% if a woman is the CEO. I mean, what?!

But we believe that this is about far more than supporting women. What Nisha does so impressively is that she is fiercely committed to not only helping our generation, but ensuring that future generations understand how to get a seat at the table or build their own table to start with - with her newest passion project, #BUILTBYGIRLS that partners current female professionals with students looking to build the future.

If Nisha is part of building the future, we feel really good about what is to come. Catch her on Instagram @nish67