#FunFriday - March 8, 2019 - Michelle Humes


Today, we're featuring a true boss lady, Michelle Witmer Humes - founder/team leader of The Humes Group.

Michelle caught our eye  the moment we saw her on stage at Curaytor#Excellence last year in Boston. She shared a story that while attending #Excellence in 2017, she was so motivated to be on stage and share her story the next year that she drew her picture in the book as a 2018 speaker. Michelle LITERALLY drew her dreams into existence!

Not only has Michelle crushed goals like speaking at Curaytor Excellence, but she has built a wildly successful business - first on her own growing her production from $8M to $18M with just her and an assistant and now with 15 people on The Humes Group. Want the blueprint of creating successful teams? Michelle has it. 

But what makes Michelle especially fitting for a #FunFriday feature is that she has stayed her fun loving self the whole way through. Living in a golf cart community, she has a video series that she films from her golf cart showcasing all of the wonderful things about her local community. Her love for what she does and where she lives is front and center and keeps you coming back for more.

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