#FunFriday - May 3, 2019 - Stephanie Lanier


We're so excited for this week's #FunFriday feature because it is one of the most important people in the world to us - Stephanie Lanier

When we think of women we admire, Stephanie is atop that list. Stephanie embodies everything we love about #FunFriday. She is motivated, hard-working, badass, and most of all fun. What we think is so special about Steph is that she puts her money (and action) where he mouth is and has lived her life by the creed of creating the things she wished existed. 

Instead of waiting for a seat at the table, Stephanie built her own table when she launched The Lanier Property Group, Inc. in Wilmington, NC - an independent real estate brokerage (but more of a family) of highly productive brokerage of agents who are truly business owners in their own right. Why? Because Stephanie isn't about holding it all for herself, she is about empowering and teaching, which is exactly what she's done for each of her agents - empowered them to be strong business owners. 

Speaking of empowering, Stephanie realized her magic wasn't just limited to real estate and we're so glad she did. She has also created The Inspiration Lab - a network of women who learn from and inspire one another. We were SO honored to be one of the speakers at their inaugural event last November and the day was filled with magic (really, the event ended with puppies). 

But Stephanie has built all of this to achieve her larger why of providing for her medically fragile son who she truly loves beyond measure. When many of us are trying to keep our heads above water, Stephanie is out there moving mountains (both at home and professionally) to create the life she wished existed. And frankly, we think she's crushing it. 

Keep creating, Steph. We're always here rooting for you!