bring the joy

2018: Bring The Joy

Photo by lzf/iStock / Getty Images

Someone asked me the other day what my New Year's resolution was going to be. Last year, I had committed to investing in myself and making myself a better version of me. As 2017 rolls to a close, I think I have succeeded for the most part. I am without a doubt the healthiest that I have been in recent memory, I am more balanced in my days, I feel committed to my work and to my family, and all in all - I'm the happiest I have ever been. Sure, I've got bad days just like anyone else, but I also have good days. Really good days. And as I reflect on 2017, I don't judge myself just on what goals I achieved or didn't achieve. I judge myself on a life well lived. 

You see, attitude is everything. It is more important than your past, your education, your successes or even your failures. Attitude is more than your appearance or your innate skill. My coach has a saying..."bring the joy" that he uses to keep your mindset in check when things don't go as planned. Sure, it is easy to bring the joy when you're rolling in the dough, landing clients left and right, your relationships are on track, you're in love, etc. But what is your attitude when things don't go right? You are responsible for the energy that you bring into the room. You cannot blame others for your misses, but rather, you must look inward and bring the joy to your situation. I loved this sentiment the first time I heard it because I love the idea of forcing yourself to see the silver lining and learn from your failures rather than lean on them.  

I admit that I struggle with this. I'm a regimented person by nature and when things go off course, I sometimes struggle. My mood shifts, my mind gets the best of me, and my attitude can really suffer as a result. But, in 2018, I am committing myself to bring the joy. I love this goal because it is the epitome of personal growth. When you take ownership of your energy and your attitude - you are taking ownership of your life and who better to control your life than you?

Bringing the joy won't always be easy, but I am certain that it will be worth it. That is why it is a goal of mine for 2018. Not unlike 2017, my goal is always to strive to be the best version of myself and now, with Compass South, to help others like you be the best version of yourselves too. So, what's your goal for 2018?