One Year Later

On August 24, 2017, with a grand vision, a belly full of nerves, and an insatiable passion for helping agents, I launched Compass South in my living room. It was just the right mix of exciting and terrifying, which I knew meant I was doing something worth doing. Those of you that know me well know that I didn't do this blindly. I had dreamed of this for years and even though it may not have been the perfect time, there was no time like the present to live my dream and help others do the same. 

But that's the thing about dreams. Sometimes the stars align and things happen just on the timeline you were expecting and sometimes you're thrown a curveball, jerked into position and expected to rise to the occasion. When Compass South opened, it was definitely the latter. In fact, I was still reeling from the upheaval from my previous position at a company that no longer exists. Truthfully, I may still be reeling from that. But one thing remained, I knew the work I was doing was important work. I knew these agents mattered. I knew I could help. So I did. 


There is something both traumatic and liberating when your fate is decided by someone else. It forces you to look deep inside and cement your values, your ambitions, and your integrity. As I look around the industry a year later, a lot has changed. Major players still exist, there are some new ones and the ever present "disrupters." But one thing has remained the same, this industry is run by hard working agents that pour their heart and soul into what they do every day. To me, that is inspiring. Those are the folks I want to help thrive. 

A year later, Compass South probably still isn't considered a household name, although luckily my kids consider it one. We haven't helped a billion agents or closed million dollar deals. But we have experienced our version of success. We're living our mission each and every day. We're helping those hard working agents that I see as the difference-makers. We're partnered with incredible brokerages, MLSes, and vendors to help them deliver value to their customers - agent and consumer alike. But most of all, we're proud. Not because we're boastful. In fact, we're anything but. We're proud because when the going got tough, we got going. 

A year later, I genuinely believe that each one of us is far stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We're capable of taking big leaps of faith, jumping without safety nets, and rising to the occasion. We're every day people capable of amazing things. We just have to say when. 


Love Yourself

When we talk about love, most of the time we immediately think of others. How can we show others that we love them? That we care? But, what about loving yourself? Why don't we talk about that as much? 


Most of you know that I am an avid (okay...maybe more like obsessive), Peloton rider. In early 2017, I made the commitment that so many of us do as we ring in the New Year to shed some unwanted weight. I know I'm supposed to say that it was about my health, which it was, but it was also about my appearance. I felt bad because my health was in bad shape, I looked bad because I was overweight, and I felt worse because I wasn't doing a damn thing about it. Something had to change. Well, most of you who have known me for some time now know that the Peloton was my solution. Each day, I'd ride, I'd recommit, and I'd love myself enough to carve out an hour for me. On Tuesday, I celebrated my one year #Peloversary. It was a year of over 3,000 miles; 269 rides (I know, but my legs wouldn't let me get that 270th ride in); countless hours of sore muscles; pounds shed; and friends made from all over the country. But really, it was a year of falling in love with myself all over again. A year of carving out time to commit to better myself so I could be better for others. To loving who I am - flaws and all, because well, if I don't love myself - how can I hope others will?


This isn't about me though, it is about you. In business, we often put ourselves last. We fill our days with clients and to-do lists and fill our nights with activities for/with our children, friends, and significant others. We give our whole selves to everything around us, but put ourselves and our health and well-being last. Here is the problem with that though: what happens when you've got nothing left to give? My good friend Jim Wahlberg reached out to congratulate me on my Peloversary this week and I admitted to him that part of what got me through the last year was something I once heard him say..."you have to make time for your health now, or you have to make time to be sick later." Everytime I felt like quitting, Jim's words rang through my head. 

So, for you, what can you do to show yourself a little love? How can you carve out some time to pour into yourself so that you can be capable of pouring into others?