Start reading between the lines…

A monthly book club for passionate people

Remember the book club your mom used to tell you about? This is NOT that.  Between the Lines was born out of an idea that myself and our co-host Katie Clancy had to read books, enjoy each others company and maybe a few beverages & snacks. We're serial learners and deeply invested in our personal development, but we also love having fun. We're also anything but formal. We hope you will approach the club with the same energy and attitude. 

Unlike most book clubs, reading is optional. Although we encourage all of our members to read the book so they can participate in the discussion, reading is NOT required. We choose books based on trending topics, important lessons, and your feedback - so the books are designed to help all of us grow personally and professionally.

We get it. Life happens and plans go off the rails. No sweat. We're not here to make anyone feel guilty for not reading the book. We don’t believe in “book shaming”. Instead, we'll build you up by giving you top takeaways. We see it as a modern version of cliff notes. Still, we know you’ll get the most out of it by doing what we do - reading, highlighting, thinking, and participating in the discussions.

You’re not in real estate? That’s cool with us! We would love to have you! This life is bigger than real estate and we want to hang out with you no matter what industry you're in. Book club is not a real estate related event and we won’t be reading real estate books. We’re pretty stoked about that.

You’re in? Cool…here’s what’s next!


We drop a new episode of Between the Lines on on the Compass South Facebook page, on our YouTube channel, and on all your favorite podcast streaming services on the 15th of every month.

Follow these easy steps and you'll be ready to rock.

  1. Mark the date on your calendar. (No, really. Do it now. We'll wait.)

  2. Get the book. Need to know this month’s book? Simply drop us a line and we’ll send you a link!

  3. Like us on Facebook. We just want to keep you updated! We aren’t pushing or selling anything. This is about creating a community of passionate people who want to better themselves.

  4. Show up! Look, we're stepping out of our comfort zones and trying something completely new here too. Let's figure it out together and have a great time.