Jumpstart Your Business

Coaching is an extremely personal process where we dig in and work with our clients in the trenches to help them achieve their goals. Working with us is an investment in yourself and your business. Think about it...even professional athletes have coaches to help them refine their skill set, focus on achieving their goals, and reach their peak performance. A business coach is no different.

As a Compass South client, we help you define your goals, construct a plan, then execute that plan to achieve things beyond your wildest dreams. We don't just come to you with a pre-packaged checklist. No, that's not our style. Instead, we believe that our value is about helping you solve your problem and achieve your goals. So, we don't settle for anything less. 

Working with professionals from a variety of industries, we focus on tailoring a strategy to fit your unique needs and challenges and helps you achieve your goals. 

Not sure if coaching is for you? Try asking yourself these questions:

  • Are you ready to grow your business, but not quite sure how to get there?

  • Are you overwhelmed running your business, but can’t figure out how to get work off your plate

  • Do you wish you had a more consistent, organized approach to running your business?

  • Is fear, failure, or a lack of confidence holding you back from doing what you need to run a successful business?

These are just a few of the many issues Alyssa has helped her clients gain clarity, direction, and execute on. Our goal for you is to help you achieve all your goals. So, expect accountability, support, encouragement, and much more.

What you’ll get

While we have a variety of offerings, our most popular coaching package receives:

  • Unlimited support from your coach, Alyssa Hellman

  • Two, dedicated coaching calls per month (More sessions can be added depending on package)

  • Action plans emailed to you after each coaching session

  • Weekly progress check-ins with Alyssa via email/text

  • Access to our Client Connect Dashboard offering templates, scripts, resources, and networking

  • #MCC membership

Because coaching is a commitment for all parties involved and we only take on a hand-selected group of clients at a time, we require a six-month commitment to your coaching journey.

If you're interested in coaching with us or want to know more about what our coaching plans entail, feel free to register for one of Alyssa's webinars where she explains exactly how Compass South can get your business to the next level. You can register for a live webinar or watch a recording. Or, if you want, contact us directly. Oh, and you won't hear from some sales rep. You'll be contacted by Alyssa herself to help ensure you know exactly what you can expect from us.