The Roadmap Workbook


The Roadmap Workbook


The Roadmap Workbook is a step-by-step process to establishing your 2019 business plan. We have broken the workbook into three main parts.


We take time to go through a planning mindset so agents understand how planning can give them the competitive advantage they need to succeed. From there, we go through how to set realistic yet audacious goals. Agents leave with a tangible business plan they can use to hit the ground running in 2019. 


We focus on creating and maintaining high-performance habits so that agents can effectively implement their plan into their daily life and business. Statistics show that this is the larger determinant of whether or not someone achieves their goals. Too many stop with just writing a plan and never focus on taking the next step to implement the plan into action. We help with that. 


Once you have implemented your plan, how do you make it stick? We walk agents through proven tactics to stay on track throughout the year, track their progress, and establish accountability systems that allow them to thrive. 

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