StrengthsFinder® Assessment

Strengthsfinder® Assessment

At Compass South, we are big believers that we have no business coaching until we have an accurate understanding of who our clients are. We take the time to get to know you personally, but also by administering the Clifton Strengthsfinder® Assessment, which we believe provided the most all encompassing picture of your working style so that we can coach you most effectively.

About the Assessment

The assessment takes roughly 45-60 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete. You will answer questions with paired statements choosing the statement that you believe best describes you. There are no right or wrong answers. Through you answers, the assessment will work to assess your natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving to determine your dominant talents. This does not mean that you are unbalanced or not talented in other areas, but rather that the identified strengths are your natural pattern.

Once identified, your first session with Alyssa will work to both explain and understand your assessment and determine your working relationship with one another. Again, this is only used as a guide to ensure that we are communicating and interacting with you in the most effective way to deliver the best possible results.

The assessment that we utilize is the Top 5 CliftonStrengths® Assessment. If you would like to upgrade to the full CliftonStrengths® 34, which identifies all of the 34 strengths ranking them in order of dominance, let us know and we can provide that to you at an additional charge of $30.