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“When I think of my ideal Coach, Alyssa is it. Someone who sits at the intersection of caring personally and challenging directly, Alyssa practices radical candor — she always has your back, and she doesn't hesitate to give constructive feedback. Overall, Alyssa's rare combination of industry knowledge and high performance coaching skills make her a top choice for anyone looking to improve.”

- Andrew Flachner, Co-Founder & President of RealScout

“Alyssa is all in for her customers, bringing passion, effort and smarts each and every day.”

- Brad Inman, Founder/Owner/Author, Inman News



“In a crowd of thought leaders and consultants, Alyssa brings a caring, interpersonal skill set that sets her above the rest. She is fully present, business savvy, and confident in her subject matter. Working with Alyssa's team is a dream. They are true professionals who perfectly deliver!”

- Brian Copeland, Broker/Owner, Doorbell Real Estate

“If you're looking for someone to help you assess where you are in your real estate career and what you should do next, Alyssa is your person. We hired Alyssa at a time when we were unsure of our next steps and she offered invaluable guidance and detailed strategy that allowed us to recognize our potential, visualize our next steps and execute our plan with purpose and confidence. When we called with a pressing issue or question, Alyssa answered, even if her first words were, "Hey, I'm hopping on a flight in 10 minutes but tell me what's going on and I'll do what I can to help." Her enthusiasm, knowledge, and connections to other real estate professionals and resources helped us to grow our business and navigate starting our own company. Alyssa's integrity and professionalism are refreshing and  genuine. It also doesn't hurt that she is just an all-around good person.”

- Blair Nell, Broker/Owner, Boro Realty



“For what I received today, I would have paid thousands. Alyssa easily solved my issue that will afford me unlimited growth potential for years to come. My jaw is still on the floor in shock. 

I know exactly what to do now, how to frame it up, execute against it and communicate it to my team.

In the future I know I’ll remember this day, this moment that changed it all. I can’t wait to finally become the true leader I know I was born to be. A simple “Thank you” doesn’t come close to covering my gratitude!”

- Elynor Monks, Owner, Elynor & Co.

“Alyssa does an amazing job at educating & preparing agents for every facet of the Real estate market. From business planning & prospecting, to organization. She is an excellent resource for anyone in our industry.”

- April Stephens, Broker, Re/Max One Realty


“Not only is Alyssa a gifted speaker. She said things we NEEDED to hear from an external source. We’re lucky to have her as an advocate.”

- Andy Whittaker, VP of Insights, Contactually

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“Alyssa is an incredible asset as a trainer and a coach. The topics she covers are fresh and relevant, opening up great discussions. She delivers with a style and grace that leave you with a smile as well as takeaways.”

- Jenn Cole, Broker/Owner, Be Home Realty