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The Monthly Coaching Club (or the #MCC as we like to call it) is a monthly web series where we feature the best of the best when it comes to today’s most important topics. The #MCC is a subscription-based club; however, we believe in action over words, and proof over pitches - so we’ve opened up the live episodes to the public so you can take it for a test drive before you commit.

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Shortly after becoming a Realtor, Brad Allen partnered with his business partner Mary Lane Sloan and formed The ART of Real Estate based in Columbia, SC with locations serving Greenville and Charleston, SC as well.

Now, while companies are popping up left and right, Brad set out to create something a bit different truly doubling down on what it means to be a client-centered real estate brokerage. He is heavy on staff because he believes this level of service is what any client deserves yet he is producing agents that truly understand the value of building their business.

Learn from Brad’s mistakes and all he has to share in July on our #MCC episode airing live on Wednesday, July 24th at 1 pm EST.

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